BRIGHTSTAR LOGISTICS PRIVATE LIMITED is an aspirant leading freight forwarding company in India, having own offices in India and partnership arrangements in various Countries around the Globe.

The Company is a new flagship company formed on 2nd of January, 2009 and promoted by Mals Cargo Pvt. Ltd. which has been in existence since 1990 and owns the Companies in the field of Freight Forwarding, Real Estate, and Merchandise and also very proactive in philanthropic activities.


( C.M.D. )

Birendra is a Graduate from Humanities discipline and is 40 years of age. His core forte is close coordination and execution of services in the field of International Freight Forwarding including Exports and Imports both by Air as well as Sea. Birendra is in the Industry of International Freight Forwarding for the last 20 Years and is a successful commercial person. Hold Directorship in various Companies and is always full of energy and humor.


Jitendra is a Commerce Graduate. He has been in the trade of International Freight Forwarding and Domestic Transportation for the last 14 years. He owns a fleet of Containers and Trucks. Arun has by virtue of experience in the trade has earned a very Good Reputation in the products of Exports and Imports both by Air as well as by Sea.
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